Sales lead tracking & management software - LEADTRACK
LEADTRACK™ is a unique company offering sales force automation and CRM solutions on both cloud based and client server platforms.  Let us show you how to close more deals, organize your sales force and measure all of your marketing investments.
  • 80% of Trade Show Leads are never followed up
  • Double the number of leads pursued and you will double your sales
  • 70% of leads generated by marketing departments are not pursued by sales
  • Responding to leads within an hour will generate7 times the conversations with prospects.
Explore LEADTRACK‘s simple, affordable and proven sales lead  and customer relationship management tools that will speed your leads to sales, allow easy updates, close the loop and increase revenue.

Online CRM and Sales Force Automation

Customized to Match Your Workflow

Exceptional Value

LEADTRACK on Demand is installed on our servers in a secure environment with daily backup of your data. With the LEADTRACK™ On Demand web-based sales and marketing system, you can track leads in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure. You can pinpoint where leads are quickly converting into revenue – and where they're not – to improve future decision-making. The easy-to-use web-based application is available 24/7 to all users including managers, call centers reps, direct sales and channel partners. You can access the application from any MAC, PC, tablet or mobile device.
LEADTRACK on Demand is a monthly subscription service that is scalable with no contract. Our Express Update option provides the ability to request lead updates directly by email from those dealers, distributors or reps that do not need all of the functionality of a full subscription user. With no login or user training needed,  Express Update vastly improves the ability to close the loop with the field. With Express Update, you don’t have to give up the vital Lead Management CRM features your business needs, just to lower costs.
(If you prefer to own the application we also offer a client server solution called LEADTRACK CS please click here to learn more).
With LEADTRACK on Demand you will have Email Marketing, Lead Management Software, Opportunity Management, SFA and CRM all in a single easy to navigate online database. With a custom configured application from LEADTRACK, you will have a tool that follows your existing work flow and processes with full Outlook integration, mobile access and workflow automation in a single web based application. By changing user settings and privileges you can determine which features each user has access to. Every business is different and uses their own terminology so with LEADTRACK field names, drop down menus and dashboard charts will be configured to exactly meet the unique requirements of your business.
With a custom-configured solution, you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Training your team takes less time because the application is designed based on your business processes rather than forcing you to comply with the architecture of most mammoth cloud based all things for all people solutions.
Just because some SFA and CRM solutions are expensive doesn’t mean they are better.
There are many cloud based or web based companies offering online sales force lead management software. Some charge as much as $250 per month per user. Our largest competitor offers its most popular product for $125 per month per user.  With the same functionality LEADTRACK on Demand costs less than half of the competition.
While the competition charges for these common sense features at LEADTRACK they are included for free.
  • E-Marketing – included
  • 10,000 emails per month - included.
  • Outlook integration - included
  • Mobile access - included
  • No contract
  • The number of users is not locked in
  • You own your data
  • Live US based technical support